Virtual Reality Training

VR Virtual Training

Development of a custom AI narrated, Virtual Reality based training system that allows users to train in the maintenance of hazardous equipment from a safe, multi-user, virtual space.


Virtual Reality Training


VR, UX, Development

VR Virtual Training

Development of a custom AI narrated, Virtual Reality based training system that allows users to train in the maintenance of hazardous equipment from a safe, multi-user, virtual space.

Client Overview

Our client, a leader in advanced technology, is dedicated to becoming the number one provider in the industry, with a commitment to contributing positively to society through innovative products and solutions.

Project Scope

SLIDEFACTORY was tasked with creating a sophisticated AI-narrated virtual reality (VR) training system. This system enables users to safely train in the maintenance of hazardous equipment from various global locations within a multi-user virtual environment.


The initial project phase spanned 5 months, with the client relationship ongoing, highlighting a successful and continuous collaboration.

Project Detail

Approached to conceptualize, design, and develop a VR training application, SLIDEFACTORY created a simulation of remote working environments. This platform allows users from multiple continents to collaborate virtually and train on industrial equipment without the risks associated with physical presence. The team meticulously video recorded real-world training scenarios, translating over 4 hours of footage into detailed, step-by-step interactive VR training sequences. These sequences featured full AI narration and immersive environments, closely mimicking actual locations and situations for equipment maintenance.

Services Provided

  • Unity Development
  • C# Development
  • Virtual Reality UX Design
  • 3D Design and Development
  • Script Development and Copywriting
  • Animation
  • AI Narration
  • Environmental Recreation
  • Multi-user VR Development
  • Application Development


  • Simplifying Complex Procedures: Translating intricate training scenarios into clear, step-based VR procedures.
  • 3D Modeling: Converting complex machinery into VR-optimized 3D models.
  • Consistent AI Narration: Ensuring uniform AI-generated voice narration across all tutorials.
  • International Collaboration: Coordinating with a multinational group of stakeholders.
  • Virtual Space Recreation: Accurately recreating real-world physical spaces in VR.
  • Multi-user Environment Development: Building a robust multi-user VR environment suitable for training.
  • Framework Development: Creating a reusable VR framework for step-based tutorials.
  • User Experience: Designing a simple and intuitive user interface for the virtual environment.


Over several months, SLIDEFACTORY successfully developed multiple VR training scenarios derived from real-world experiences. These scenarios were transformed into a virtual format, complete with AI narration, providing users with detailed guidance through specific training operations within a collaborative, multi-user space. By recording real-world training sessions, translating these into structured VR instructions, and integrating AI characters for narration, SLIDEFACTORY helped the client bridge significant training challenges. This system allows for safe and effective training on specific equipment maintenance procedures across great distances, enhancing employee skills and safety in a controlled virtual setting.


This project exemplifies SLIDEFACTORY's capability to merge cutting-edge technology with practical training needs, creating a dynamic and safe training environment that spans continents. The successful implementation of this advanced VR training system underscores the client's leadership in utilizing innovative technologies to improve safety and efficiency in industrial operations.


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