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We help startups and brands harness emerging technology to create transformative experiences. Whether you're launching something new or expanding an existing brand, we develop solutions that captivate, connect, and drive growth.

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Embracing Tech to Drive Growth.

The world is changing faster every day. To make an impact, you need more than an agency—you need a partner. A partner who’s ready to tackle new challenges and leverage emerging technologies to help you stay ahead. That’s why SLIDEFACTORY was created.

We help startups and brands bring unique experiences to life across different screens and platforms. By leveraging emerging technologies to craft innovative solutions, we collaborate with our clients to create enduring products and experiences that resonate with users and make a lasting impact.

More than a Boutique Agency.

We’re more than a boutique agency. We’re a full service team of creatives, technologists, and strategists that leverage emerging technology to help our clients solve complex problems, create unique experiences, and drive growth across various channels.

Whether it's blockchain-enabled spatial applications or implementing cutting-edge AI-driven SEO and marketing services, we work hand in hand with our clients to uncover and execute impactful solutions that drive tangible results.

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The Team

Mark Nguyen
Tom Mertz
Pamela Nguyen
Project Manager
JohnNils Olsen
Mobile / Web Developer
Michael Rider
Mobile / Web Developer
C.J. Done
Unity / Web Developer
Austin Britton
Mobile / AI Developer
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