Myaderm - Healthcare Commercial

Production of a CTV spot for a pioneer in next generation health and beauty products.




Video Production, 3D animation, Editing

Myaderm - Healthcare Commercial

Production of a CTV spot for a pioneer in next generation health and beauty products.

Client Overview

Our client, a leader in next-generation health and beauty products, is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions like their new CBD skin hydration product.

Project Scope

SLIDEFACTORY was enlisted by an agency partner to produce a cost-effective CTV advertisement that showcased the unique benefits of this innovative CBD skin hydration product.


The project was completed within an ambitious timeframe of 2 months.

Project Detail

Amidst the challenges of a national pandemic, SLIDEFACTORY took charge of producing a CTV spot from a script provided by the agency partner. The team expertly handled the creation of storyboards, the development of titles and animations, and the production of original live-action content. Additionally, SLIDEFACTORY was responsible for creating 3D product artwork for both print and motion graphics, utilizing original, unfinished product samples.

Services Provided

  • 3D Design and Development
  • Motion Graphics Creation
  • Live Action Production
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • Creative Direction


  • Pandemic-Related Production Planning: Executing production planning and on-set activities under strict COVID-19 safety protocols.
  • Distributed Team Coordination: Managing a highly distributed creative and production team across the United States.
  • Artwork and Design Limitations: Working with unfinished and in-production artwork for creating detailed 3D product designs.
  • Accelerated Production Schedule: Adhering to a fast-paced timeline from the receipt of the initial script to the final delivery of the advertisement.


Despite the significant obstacles posed by the pandemic, SLIDEFACTORY successfully delivered the final CTV advertisement on time and within budget. The project's achievements include:

  • High-Resolution 3D Artwork: The team produced detailed and visually appealing 3D product visuals, enhancing the overall quality of the advertisement.
  • Effective Live Action and Animation: The live-action content and animations were crafted to convey the product's benefits engagingly and dynamically.
  • National Retailer Customization: The advertisement was tailored to meet the specific needs of multiple national retailers, ensuring broad and effective reach.
  • Seamless Project Execution: The entire production process was managed efficiently, from creative development through final delivery, despite the logistical challenges of the pandemic.


This collaboration between SLIDEFACTORY and their agency partner for a health and beauty industry leader exemplifies how creative resilience and strategic planning can overcome substantial challenges. The successful production of the CTV advertisement not only enhanced the client's brand visibility but also demonstrated SLIDEFACTORY’s capability to deliver high-quality media solutions under pressure. This project underscores the importance of adaptability and innovative problem-solving in the rapidly evolving advertising industry.


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