Motusi - Advanced Motion Capture Solution

Real-time motion capture and visualization applications to help physical therapy and performance trainers visualize patient data using Unity3d.




Unity, Mobile, 3D, Animation

Motusi - Advanced Motion Capture Solution

Real-time motion capture and visualization applications to help physical therapy and performance trainers visualize patient data using Unity3d.

Client Overview

Motusi specializes in developing performance insight applications that aid professionals in fields ranging from physical therapy and performance training to occupational health and safety. Their solutions aim to enhance the precision and effectiveness of professional practices through innovative technology.

Project Scope

SLIDEFACTORY partnered with Motusi to design and implement a custom motion capture solution using Unity3D. This project harnessed raw, quaternion-based rotational data to animate avatars in a mobile application, enabling detailed analysis and visualization of human motion.


The initial phase of the project spanned three months, with the client relationship ongoing, reflecting continuous collaboration and system enhancements.

Project Detail

Motusi required a system capable of ingesting raw quaternion data from external sources and translating this into fluid humanoid motion within a Unity3D-based mobile application. This challenging project necessitated extensive collaboration, research, and precise testing. The SLIDEFACTORY team worked closely with Motusi’s project team to accurately map and translate the quaternion data to a custom humanoid model, ensuring the avatar could replicate the original motion with high fidelity.

Services Provided

  • Character and 3D Design/Development
  • 3D Animation
  • Unity3D Development in C#
  • Custom Texture Creation in Unity
  • Data Visualization
  • Research and Development


  • Translating unmapped quaternion data into a 3D quadrant system
  • Building a custom inverse kinematic humanoid rig
  • Applying chained quadratic rotations to simulate accurate humanoid motion
  • Recording and playing back 3D humanoid motion
  • Conceptualizing and designing a custom 3D avatar
  • Modeling 3D humanoid figures
  • Developing a Unity3D display layer for the application
  • Implementing a custom messaging bridge to translate data into Unity3D
  • Developing 3D visualizations to provide motion feedback


The first phase involved SLIDEFACTORY working intensively with the Motusi team to map the quaternion data to multiple joints and create a sophisticated inverse kinematic skeletal rig. This rig accurately processed the rotational data to produce smooth, lifelike humanoid motions based on sensor inputs.

In the second phase, SLIDEFACTORY and Motusi designed and developed a custom 3D Avatar to work seamlessly with the motion data, replicating a comprehensive range of human movements and functioning smoothly on mobile devices. Further enhancements included integrating velocity and force-based visual feedback into the avatar system, enriching the visual representation of movements and adding detailed layers to the recorded motions.


This collaboration with Motusi allowed SLIDEFACTORY to deliver a cutting-edge motion capture solution that not only met the initial requirements but also provided a scalable platform for further innovation. The ongoing partnership highlights the project’s success and the continuous improvement in motion capture technology that SLIDEFACTORY provides, ensuring that Motusi remains at the forefront of their industry.


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