BatchGeo - Map your Data

Continued support, partnership, and maintenance of the fastest way to create Google maps from spreadsheets.




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BatchGeo - Map your Data

Continued support, partnership, and maintenance of the fastest way to create Google maps from spreadsheets.

Client Overview

BatchGeo is an innovative technology platform that simplifies the creation of Google Maps from spreadsheets, transforming raw data into functional and engaging visual maps. As a leader in this niche, BatchGeo serves a diverse global user base, enabling them to visualize geographic data effortlessly.

Project Scope

Recognizing the need for a robust support system to sustain and enhance its web functionalities, BatchGeo enlisted SLIDEFACTORY. The collaboration was aimed at revitalizing BatchGeo's web presence, optimizing user experience, and ensuring the platform's scalability and responsiveness to evolving web technologies.


The client relationship, marked by continuous collaboration and development, remains active to this day.

Project Detail

BatchGeo faced the challenge of maintaining and improving its platform, which is crucial for users worldwide who rely on it to convert data into interactive, informative, and visually appealing maps. SLIDEFACTORY was tasked with diving into an existing complex code base, addressing current support tickets, and implementing new functionalities and features.

Services Provided

  • Web Development
  • HTML, CSS, and Javascript Development
  • React Development
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Project Management
  • API Development
  • Email Generation Systems
  • PHP Development


  • Complex Codebase Navigation: Understanding and optimizing a sprawling and intricate pre-existing codebase.
  • Diverse Technology Utilization: Managing multiple technologies and tools effectively.
  • Continuous Data Handling Needs: Addressing ongoing complex data requirements and integration challenges.
  • Adapting to Evolving Web Trends: Ensuring the platform remains secure, fast, and intuitive amidst rapidly changing web technologies.
  • Payment System Compliance: Updating the payment integration to meet new international legislative requirements and maintain strong customer authentication.


SLIDEFACTORY’s dedicated and skilled intervention has led to significant enhancements in BatchGeo’s service offerings:

  • Enhanced System Architecture: By addressing systemic complexities and integrating new features, SLIDEFACTORY has significantly improved the architectural robustness of the platform.
  • Improved User Experience: Ongoing UX improvements ensure that the platform remains intuitive and user-friendly, making complex data visualization accessible to a broad audience.
  • Compliance and Security Enhancements: The payment systems have been updated to comply with the latest security standards, ensuring safe and seamless international transactions.
  • Responsive Development Cycle: Regular updates and quick resolution of user feedback help maintain a high level of performance and user satisfaction.


The collaboration between BatchGeo and SLIDEFACTORY exemplifies the importance of robust, responsive web development and maintenance. Through SLIDEFACTORY’s ongoing support, BatchGeo continues to lead in providing accessible, performant mapping tools that transform raw data into powerful visual insights. This enduring partnership highlights the critical role of continuous improvement and expert support in maintaining and advancing web-based services in a dynamic technological landscape.


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