Byldr VR

Byldr - VR World Builder

A custom application that allows users to build and save complex Virtual Reality environments while within Virtual Reality.


Byldr VR


3D, Unity, Development, Design, UX

Byldr - VR World Builder

A custom application that allows users to build and save complex Virtual Reality environments while within Virtual Reality.

Client Overview

Our client, a leading entity in the VR/AR industry, engaged SLIDEFACTORY to create a custom VR Builder application. This tool is designed for use on Oculus Quest, Quest 2, and HoloLens platforms.

Project Scope

The project involved the development of a VR Builder that enables users to design and develop virtual worlds directly within a virtual reality environment, emphasizing accessibility and simplicity to foster learning and innovation in VR spaces.


The initial project spanned 6 months, with an ongoing client relationship that continues to evolve and expand.

Project Detail

SLIDEFACTORY was tasked with developing a custom VR Builder application and its supporting back-end system. The application, built in Unity 3D and coded in C#, integrated with a back-end developed in Node.js, offers a platform where users can intuitively build and interact within VR worlds. This project was aimed at making VR development accessible on multiple devices and straightforward for both individuals and corporate users.

Services Provided

  • UX Design for Virtual Reality
  • 3D Design and Development
  • Unity3D and C# Development
  • Node.js and Custom Back-end Development
  • HTML, CSS, JS, and PUG Implementation
  • Technical Architecture
  • Animation Creation
  • Integration of Microsoft MRTK with Oculus Quest Projects


  • Developing a user-friendly VR builder operable within VR environments.
  • Crafting a robust back-end admin panel and CMS.
  • Designing a virtual environment scheme with GLB/GLTF custom upload/download capabilities.
  • Implementing methods to load 3D tools from remote repositories.
  • Translating virtual spaces into exportable 3D models.
  • Enabling recording of complex animations directly in VR.
  • Designing a VR-specific event system for user interactions.
  • Developing a custom VR UI pointer system.


SLIDEFACTORY successfully delivered a fully functional VR builder tool that allows users to construct applications using natural hand movements, fully immersed within a VR setting without needing complex coding skills. Key achievements include:

  • Natural Interaction in VR: Users can interact with the VR environment using intuitive hand gestures, facilitating an immersive building experience.
  • Instant Iteration and Collaboration: The application supports real-time iteration and multi-user collaboration, significantly reducing the time, effort, and costs from concept to creation.
  • Cross-Platform Functionality: The tool is accessible across various VR platforms, ensuring a wide user base can benefit from its features.
  • Enhanced Learning and Corporate Use: The VR builder is effectively used in both educational and corporate settings, demonstrating its versatility and utility in real-world applications.


The collaboration between SLIDEFACTORY and our confidential client has led to the creation of a pioneering VR Builder tool that transforms how users engage with virtual reality technology. This project not only simplifies the process of VR content creation but also enhances collaborative possibilities across different sectors, setting new standards in the VR development landscape. Through this ongoing partnership, SLIDEFACTORY continues to push the boundaries of VR innovation, proving its commitment to delivering cutting-edge technological solutions.


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