McFarlane Toys Digital

McFarlane Toys Digital's Collectors Universe

Working alongside a global toy manufacturer to create an interactive, 3D, digital universe that enables fans to engage with collectibles in a whole new way.


McFarlane Toys Digital


Unity, UX Design, Animation, Development

McFarlane Toys Digital's Collectors Universe

Working alongside a global toy manufacturer to create an interactive, 3D, digital universe that enables fans to engage with collectibles in a whole new way.

Client Overview

McFarlane Toys Digital, a distinguished leader in the global toy industry for over 25 years, has consistently been at the forefront of innovation and design excellence. Known for setting high standards in the action figure market, McFarlane Toys has recently expanded into the digital realm to complement its prestigious array of physical collectibles.

Project Scope

SLIDEFACTORY was tasked with collaborating with McFarlane Toys Digital to develop a cross-platform desktop application for Mac and PC, built using Unity3D. This application was designed to allow users to engage with digital collectibles in environments that replicate the detailed and tactile nature of their physical collectibles.

Challenges and Solutions

The main challenge was to seamlessly integrate the tangible experience of physical collectibles with the dynamic capabilities of digital offerings. McFarlane Toys Digital aimed to leverage emerging web3 technologies to introduce a digital collectible line (NFTs) that mirrored the engagement of physical collecting.

Strategic objectives included:

  • Application Development: Crafting a 3D desktop application that supports vivid interaction and display of digital collectibles on both Mac and PC.
  • Membership Integration: Establishing a user-friendly system for registration, digital wallet connectivity, and importation of 3D collectibles.
  • Backend Infrastructure: Creating a robust backend system to facilitate integration with various NFT marketplaces and manage seamless transactions and user interactions.

Key Launch Features

  • Viewer Application: Launched on December 1st, the viewer application offers customizable gallery spaces on PC, empowering users to build, showcase, and personalize their digital collectibles. This platform includes sharing capabilities and gamification elements, enhancing user engagement through experience points and exclusive rewards.
  • Digital Wallet Integration: Compatibility with any Polygon-supported digital wallet ensures a wide range of transaction capabilities and user interactions.
  • Concurrent Releases: Digital assets are released alongside their physical counterparts, available as bundled, physical, or digital-only options. Iconic pieces from McFarlane's thirty-year history are also available exclusively in digital format, crafted by teams with experience in top AAA game studios.

Technical Execution

  • Software Development: Utilization of Unity3D, C#, Node.js, HTML/CSS/JavaScript for application development.
  • Platform Specific Support: Custom applications for MacOS alongside comprehensive desktop support.
  • Blockchain Capabilities: Integration of web3 technologies such as Ethers.js and SmartContract development, with services like ThirdWeb.
  • Database and Infrastructure: Implementation of PostgreSQL and AWS services, including EBS and EC2, to support robust backend operations.

Project Outcomes

  • Enhanced Collector Engagement: The interactive digital platform transformed how collectors interact with McFarlane's products, enabling a digital experience that complements the physical handling of collectibles.
  • Vibrant Community Ecosystem: The inclusion of social sharing and gamification within the app fostered a thriving community of collectors, who engage more deeply through shared experiences and rewards.
  • Streamlined Transactions: Seamless integration with digital wallets facilitated secure and efficient management of digital assets, enhancing user confidence and marketability of the digital collectibles.
  • Synergistic Product Releases: The strategic release approach broadened the appeal to both traditional collectors and new digital enthusiasts, enriching the collector's experience and value proposition.

“We have witnessed the rise of digital collectibles as a vibrant new avenue for fan engagement. This innovative domain not only complements but also enhances the traditional collecting experience, allowing us to create a limitless digital collector's space," Stephan Tetrault, COO of McFarlane Toys


This collaboration between McFarlane Toys Digital and SLIDEFACTORY successfully propelled McFarlane into the digital collectibles market, setting new standards for interactive collectible engagements and significantly expanding the company’s consumer base and market reach.


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